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The ancient Romans, who most often baked them in red wine, searched for truffles and ate them with gusto.

The most common type, black truffle, is used to flavor pasta, risotto, omelets or foie gras.
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Artichaut Saveur Truffe
110 Kč

Artichoke spread with summer truffle - 100g Tartinable d'artichaut à la truffe d'été Enjoy this original recipe of artichoke mixed with the softness of summer truffle in...

Petites saucisses de Toulouse aux truffes noires
490 Kč

Boudins de Toulouse with truffles from Périgord Petit Boudins de Toulouse avec Truffes du Périgord Delicious small candied sausages that diffuse into your palate all the...

Oignons à la truffe d'hiver
149 Kč

Confit of onions with truffle (1%) 90g Confit d'oignons à la truffe Here is the perfect accompaniment to your goose or duck foie gras: thin slices of caramelized onion with a...

5142 ta0197
90 Kč

Grilled zucchini truffle flavors Courgettes grillés saveur truffes

Huile de Truffe
310 Kč

Olive oil with black truffle Huile d'olive 97,5%, truffe noire 1,5% ( Tuber melanosporum), arôme 1%. For most gourmets, this olive oil-based and black truffle product will...

Terrine campagnard jus de Truffe
170 Kč

Rural pork terina with truffle juice from Perigordu 180g Terrine campagnarde au jus de truffes du Perigord Here is a rural terina that will not leave you indifferent. Because...

Sauce Parmesan à la Truffe
220 Kč

Parmesan sauce with truffle - 170gr Sauce Parmesan à la Truffe (5%) - 170gr

Poisson 100 g St Jacques saveur truffe ABM
Premium produkt
160 Kč

Scallop shell terrine with summer truffle - 100g Terrine de coquille Saint Jacques à la truffe d'été.