Tapenade is a traditional recipe typical of Provencal cuisine, invented in 1880 in Marseille, based on black or green olives, traditionally
hammered in a mortar with olive oil, capers (tapena in Occitan, where its name comes from), anchovy fillets, garlic, and herbs from Provence. 
Important note when you are choosing a tapenade:Tapenade is not a protected name, unfortunately, anyone can afford to sell anything
under the name "tapenade" and offer simple olive puree with olive oil and various spices. 
In France, we call such a preparation "Olivade" (olive puree), not Provencal tapenade.
In addition to olives and olive oil, real tapenade should contain capers and anchovies, which makes the price of the product more expensive.
So don't be fooled with cheap olive puree, presented as tapenade.
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Crème d'artichauts
90 Kč

Artichoke cream - 180g Créme d´artichaut Enjoy artichoke cream as an aperitif spread on toasted bread toast, garlic bread, blinis, or as an accompaniment to tortillas chips.

Artichaut Saveur Truffe
110 Kč

Artichoke spread with summer truffle - 100g Tartinable d'artichaut à la truffe d'été Enjoy this original recipe of artichoke mixed with the softness of summer truffle in...

Tartinable BIO artichaut basilic
100 Kč

Basil artichoke spread BIO 100g Tartinable bio artichaut basic "MES P'tites Recette Bio" offers you this spread with artichokes and basil. Ideal for tasting with friends....

Bruschetta d'artichauts
50 Kč

Bruschetta of Artichoke - 140 g Bruschetta d'artichauts Artichoke Bruschetta is a vegetable cream with a pleasant and unique bitter-sweet taste typical for artichoke. Fine...

Bruschetta d'asperges vertes
50 Kč

Bruschetta of Aspergus 140g Bruschetta d'asperges vertes 140 g Bruschetta is a traditional culinary preparation of appetizers (or antipasta in Italian) typical of italian...

Bruschetta poivrons piquillo
50 Kč

Bruschetta pepper and chilli piquillo 140 g Bruschetta poivrons et piments 140 g  It is traditionally a slice of country bread, stale or toasted, coated with garlic and...

Poivrons Confits Miel Piment Chipotle
75 Kč –13 %
65 Kč

Candied Peppers with Honey & Chipotle Pepper - 110g Poivrons confits au miel & Piment Chipotle. Discover a sweet and savory combination by tasting chopped candied...

Confinade de tomate et chèvre
100 Kč

Confit goat cheese spread and dried tomatoes -180g Délice de tomates séchées et fromage de chèvre  Expiry date: 01/2024 Taste a unique French delicacy made from commutated...

Courgettes grillees Chevre Miel
100 Kč

Grilled Zucchini Goat Cheese & Honey 100g Courgettes Grillées Chèvre & Miel This recipe can be enjoyed fresh on the toast with an aperitif or as a supplement to...

5142 ta0197
90 Kč

Grilled zucchini truffle flavors Courgettes grillés saveur truffes

100 Kč

Hummus pink berries & goat cheese 110g Houmous rose baies & chèvre Composition:Beetroot 44,4%, cream fraiche 27,8%, chickpeas 15,2%, goat CHEESE 10%, beetroot extract 1%, salt...

Confit Tomates Cerises Miel Olives
75 Kč –21 %
59 Kč

Cherry tomatoes confit, honey and olives 100 g Tartinable de tomates cerises, miel et olites. Enjoy this original recipe made from candied cherry tomatoes combined with olives...

Crème de Poivrons 180g
90 Kč

Pepper cream - 180g Crème de poivrons Enjoy the cream of peppers as an aperitif, spread on toasted bread, garlic bread, as an accompaniment to tortillas chips or in your salty...

Sans titre (17)
100 Kč

Smoked Salmon and Pink Pepper Duo - 100g Duo Saumon Fumé et Poivre Rose Cold, to be enjoyed on good toasted bread, toast, breadsticks or «crackers». Delicious fresh glass with...

Sans titre (18)
150 Kč

Smoked trout from the Pyrenees to dry Jurançons -100g Truite fumée des Pyrénées au Jurançons sec For this aperitif product, Atelier Bernard Marot has invested on a very noble...

Houmous Poivrons Ricotta
100 Kč

Spread of humus, peppers and ricotta -100g Tartinable Houmous, poivrons et ricotta. Discover this refined recipe of humus with its peppers and ricotta enhanced with a touch of...

tomates huile
110 Kč

Tomatoes in oil, sun-dried - 210 g Tomates á l'huile séchées au soleil Tomatoes are cut in half, then traditionally dried slowly and naturally in the sun, usually about a week...

Tapenade Olive Noir 180g
90 Kč

Tapenade Black Olive - 180g Tapenadine Olivade Noire This black olive tapenade can be served on toast as an aperitif. You can also offer it as an accompaniment to a fish.

černa tapenadaBIO
63 Kč –19 %
51 Kč

Tapenade Black Olive BIO- 90g Tapenade Olive Noire COMPOSITION Olives *, olive oil *, salt, capers *, Provence herbs *, LACTIC ACID. * Ingredients from organic farming.  

Tapenade Noire Capres Anchois
110 Kč

Tapenade black with caper & anchovy - 100g Tapenade noire Câpres & Anchois The right Provencal tapenade. Bernard MAROT returns here to the classics, the alliance between the...

Tapenade Olive Verte 180g
100 Kč

Tapenade Green oliv 180g INGREDIENTS :  Green olives, rapeseed oil, capers, salt, natural flavor.

zelena tapenadaBIO
90 Kč

Tapenade Green Olive BIO- 90g Tapenade Verte COMPOSITIONOlives *, olive oil *, salt, capers *, Provence herbs * * Ingredients from organic farming.

100 Kč

INGREDIENCE Zelené olivy*, rehydratovaná sušená rajčata, voda, extra panenský olivový olej*, červený vinný ocet*, česnek*, kmín*, mletý černý pepř*. * Ingredience z...

178205 T1
100 Kč

Tomato confinade  Confinade de tomates Preparation with dried tomatoes and pasteurized goat cheese