Foie Gras is a strong ambassador of high gastronomy and one of the top French cultural heritage, 
with a huge pride for French to defend their national treasure.
For most of
them, it is a traditional national dish, without which they cannot imagine their birthday, christmas, New Year, etc.
Fine fatty liver from a goose or duck is served either warm, usually roasted, or cold as canapés or pate.
The delicate buttery taste of foie gras has no comparable substitute, this is why this delicacy is sought after all over the world.

Two French regions - Alsace & southwestern France - compete for the origin and the right recipe for foie gras.
Goose foie gras is delicate, so it is suitable for gourmets who
can immerse themselves in decent tones of taste.
Duck foie gras, on the other hand, has a more predatory and pronounced taste, so it can attract even less
refined tongues
and to get acquainted with this the specialty is probably more appropriate.
However, everyone likes a different foie gras recipe, so there is no choice than tasting and tasting, finding out what kind of
meat and preparation you will enjoy the most.

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Bloc Foie Gras 150gr
580 Kč

Bloc Duck Foie-Gras region Périgord Foie-gras de Canard du Périgord 150g .

Caprice Foie d'Oie Figue & Perigord 65gr
149 Kč

Cream with goose liver with figs and sweet white wine from Périgord (20% foie gras). Caprice au foie d'oie à la figues et au vin blanc doux du Périgord (20% foie-gras). Ideal...

La Gloire de mon pere 65gr Web
170 Kč

Duck Breast Terrine, Black Truffle Juice from Périgord (20% Foie Gras), 65gr Terrine de Magret de Canard, Jus de Truffes Noires du Périgord (20% de Foie Gras), 65gr...

Foie Gras Entier Bocal 125gr
Premium produkt
850 Kč

Duck foie gras from the southwest of France from the region of Perigord “old-fashioned recipe” glass 125g Foie-gras de canard and l'ancienne du Périgord All the tradition of...

le foie gras de canard entier 50g
Premium produkt
250 Kč

Duck foie-gras 50g Foie gras de canard  Bread: The most popular is country bread or lightly toasted sandwich bread. For lovers of sweet and salty, who are looking for a new...

Foie Gras Les Saveurs du Roy 180gr
900 Kč

Duck Foie-Gras from South-West France glass -180gr

Foie Gras Oie 65gr
390 Kč

Goose Foie-Gras region Périgord Foie-gras d'oie du Périgord 65g .

Langoustine au Foie Gras
Premium produkt
120 Kč

LANGOUSTINES with Foie Gras "Guérande Salt LANGOUSTINES au Foie Gras "Sel de Guérande" Festive meals all year round thanks to this surprising pairing of langoustine and foie...

Rillettes royales de Canard au Foie Gras
Premium produkt
190 Kč

Royal duck confit rillettes with duck liver (25% foie gras block) Les rillettes royales de confit de canard au foie de canard (25% bloc de foie gras)

Boudins Blanc au Foie Gras 200g
450 Kč

White Pudding with Duck Foie Gras Boudin Blanc au Foie Gras de Canard - Sauce Royale au Foie Gras (200g)  

Foie Gras d'Entier 180gr
Premium produkt
990 Kč

Whole goose foie gras from the Perigord recipe - 90g Foie-gras d'oie entier du Périgord recette à l'ancienne - 90g Like any exceptional Grand Cru, the rarity of goose foie...