Concentrated with vitamins and fibre, soups combine flavour and nutritional qualities.
They are ideal for filling up with vitamins, minerals and fiber.
In winter to warm up or in summer to hydrate, soups will accompany you with delicacy over the seasons.
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Bisque de Homard Bleu
115 Kč

Authentic blue lobster soup - 780cl Autentická modrá humrová polévka 780cl BISQUE AUTHENTIQUE au HOMARD BLEU S naším Bisque vytáhne Atelier Bernard MAROT všechny podstaty...

Copie de Gamme Les Minis de LAtelier 3
155 Kč

Cotriade, Bretoňská rybí polévka 780cl Cotriade soupe de poissons Bretonne Atelier Bernard MAROT nám nabízí tento Bretoňský recept na autentickou rybí polévku s malými kousky...

Croutons Ail 75gr
43 Kč

Croutons 75g - Croûtons  To accompany with soup, salad…

Sans titre (11)
79 Kč

Fish Soup - 400g Soupe de Poissons The Authentic Fish Soup is made from wild fish caught in the Atlantic. Fish (Grondins, Cod, Merlans, etc.), vegetables, a hint of spices,...

Soupe des ports du Croisic et de la Turballe
115 Kč

Fish soup from the ports of Croisic and Turballe Soupe de poissons des ports du Croisic et de la Turballe This fish soup is prepared from fresh and whole fish, directly landed...

krutony salat přirodní1
25 Kč

Krutony přirodni na salát, 75 g - croutons pour salade, nature

Souper de Poissons Mediterranééenne Web
147 Kč

Mediterranean Fish Soup - 780cl

Sans titre (12)
Rouille 90gr
Not available at the moment
59 Kč

Rouille 90gr   INGREDIENTS: Rapeseed oil, water, mustard, tomato concentrates, egg yolk, corn starch, salt, garlic, thickeners: guar gum and xanthan gum, colouring: paprika,...

Supreme de Langoustines aux Epices
115 Kč

SPICE LOBSTER SUPREME 780cl SUPREME de LANGOUSTINES aux EPICES "Atelier Bernard MAROT" in this shellfish-based soup draws all the essence of langusty. From this is extracted...

Soupe Araignees de Mer
115 Kč

Spider Crab Soup 780cl SOUPE aux ARAIGNEES DE MER Find this delicious soup prepared from spider crabs, small vegetables and a breath of cream fraîche. The taste and generosity...