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Dry sausage is deli meats composed of meat, mainly pork meat, and mixed fat, chopped and salted in brine.
Then the meat is embossed in a natural or synthetic casing that will allow it to dry for at least 4 weeks.
The sausage is a real institution in the gastronomic pleasures and culinary pride of French regions or the world.
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Saucissons Nature
119 Kč

French Saucissons Nature - 180g 100% Pork

2097 -MAK3
Saucissons Sanglier
119 Kč

French Saucissons Wild Boar - 180g

2097 -MAK4
French Saucissons with Fig - 180g
119 Kč

French Saucissons with Fig - 180g

2097 -MAK2
Saucissons noix
119 Kč

Saucissonx with Nuts - 180g

2097 -MAK
Cornichons Gustadea 190gr
50 Kč

Pickled pickles - Cornichons au Vinaigre 190gr INGREDIENTS Gherkins Origin India, agricultural alcohol vinegar, water, salt, herbs (onions, coriander, mustard, tarragon),...