Chutney & Confit Jam for Foie Gras


To accompany your meats, cheeses or foie gras for example, we offer a selection of the best chutneys and confits.

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Echalottes Confites aux framboises
149 Kč

Candied Shallots with Raspberries 90 g Échalotes confites aux framboises  A fine blend of fruit flavors that fit foie Gras, as well as roast meat and poultry

Oignons à la truffe d'hiver
149 Kč

Confit of onions with truffle (1%) 90g Confit d'oignons à la truffe Here is the perfect accompaniment to your goose or duck foie gras: thin slices of caramelized onion with a...

Chutney de Rattafia
149 Kč

Chutney of Fig Ratafia - 90 g Chutney de figues au ratafia Fruity and spicy taste, ideal for foie gras and grilleed duck meat.

Chutney saveur indienne
100 Kč –20 %
80 Kč

Indian chutney (apricot, ananas, mango, curry) - 130g Chutney Saveur indienne  

Figues Violettes Pain depices
65 Kč

Konfit z fialových fíků s perníkem 110g  Confit de figues violettes au pain d´épice Tento konfit je podstata vašich gurmánských receptů!  Doporučujeme vám, abyste si...

Confits d'Emincés d'oignons au Montbazillac
140 Kč

Onion confit with Monbazillac 90 g Confits d'oignons au Monbazillac Fruity and spicy taste, ideal for foie gras and grilleed duck meat.

Oignons Rouges Confits au Porto
80 Kč

Port red onion confit 110g - Confit d'oignons rouges Porto Červená cibule konfitovaná s Portským vínem 110g - Confit d´oignons rouges au Porto Klasický konfit z červené...

Poivrons rouges
100 Kč

Red pepper confit 130g Confit de poivrons rouges Handmade Gourmande spoon in the south of France. Let yourself be tempted by the poetry and originality of these styles.